Your dream

Once you have signed up (Sign Up) and got your cell in the DreamPared-Wall of Dreams, writing down your dream therein, you are moving in the right direction for its fulfillment.

For example, you are dreaming of a house. Write down your dream in the cell “My dream house” and describe what appears in your mind. Your mind will attract your dream like a magnet.

The most important is when you describe your dream try to be in that house in your mind and imagination. Walk around the house and outside and describe all you see and your emotions associated with it. Be as specific as possible: the closer you are to your dream, the shorter is the way to the desired result. Upload a picture of a house that looks like your dream house into the cell, and then a clear image of what you need will be formed and kept in your mind. This dream will eventually become a reality.

The house is just one of many examples of what you can dream of. And you dream of a vehicle, winning a lottery, travel, jewelry, wealth? After all, you are worthy of all of this. Dreams can also non-material: isn’t there anyone among us dreaming of good health, powerful talent, strong reputation, big power, happy children - in short, of everything called “the success in life”.

One can also dream of mutual love. Describe how your ideal man/woman looks like, his/her inner world, where and under which circumstances you would like to meet him/her. When describing your first meeting, try to feel (already now!) the storm of emotions that will make you happy. Insert a picture of somebody looking similar to your ideal man/woman into the cell and you will be surprised how soon the meeting you were dreaming of so much will happen.

And if you have already found your love, however, you are always arguing? Describe all positive qualities of your partner in the cell of the DreamPared-Wall of Dreams, and soon you will find that he/she is increasingly showing these qualities. Insert your favorite picture of your chosen one into the cell of the Wall of Dreams – a picture where you are together: when looking at this picture you will feel the state of full harmony you are dreaming of so much.

Once you get your cell in the DreamPared-Wall of Dreams and you write down your dream, your thoughts set off on a journey to the dream since your subconscious has already received the information stored by you in your cell and sends a signal to take right actions. That is what will lead you to the goal.

You will rise from the dreamer to the winner who has fulfilled the dream!


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